Metallica - One (Official Music Video) [HD]

FACEBOOK: VIDEO, BETTER QUALITY: is the very first music video by Metallica, and shows clips from the movie Johnny Got His Gun!Director: Bill Pope and Michael Salomon - Filmed in December 1988 in Long Beach, CA - Video Premiere Date: January 22, 1989Album: ...And Justice for All-LYRICS-I cant remember anythingCant tell if this is true or dreamDeep down inside I feel to screamThis terrible silence stops meNow that the war is through with meIm waking up I can not seeThat there is not much left of meNothing is real but pain nowHold my breath as I wish for deathOh please god,wake meBack in the womb its much too realIn pumps life that I must feelBut cant look forward to revealLook to the time when Ill liveFed through the tube that sticks in meJust like a wartime noveltyTied to machines that make me beCut this life off from meHold my breath as I wish for deathOh please god,wake meNow the world is gone Im just oneOh god,help me hold my breath as I wish for deathOh please God help meDarkness imprisoning meAll that I seeAbsolute horrorI cannot liveI cannot dieTrapped in myselfBody my holding cellLandmine has taken my sightTaken my speechTaken my hearingTaken my armsTaken my legsTaken my soulLeft me with life in hell

Продолжительность видео: 07:47 мин

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