Nicki Minaj Cartoon Animation

This didnt turn out the way i wanted it too but i still like it! Its tooken a while about 2 months and a half but it was worth it! The reason The massive Attack outfit is shown more than the other s was due to a technical difficulty and this was the easiest way to go with it. THe outfits are from your love Massive Attack and check it out The mechanical check it out outfit is based off the official Check it out single cover-[link]IN the animation Nicki is walking while a pink crystal blob forms over her changing her outfits! (its what I call the Pink Friday blob) Programs used to to construct deviation: Paint tool/ Photoshop Elements 8.0/ Macromedia Flash 8

Продолжительность видео: 01:04 мин

Ключевые теги: Nicki, Minaj, Cartoon, Animation, Parody, Young, money, Your, love, massive, attack, check, it, out, pink, friday, webkidd0, Beyonce, Rebecca, Black, red, carpet, vevo, Lil, wayne, Drake

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