Kanye West ft Beyonce See Me Now (Official Music Video) SPOOF - Snuggie Song

Download this song on iTunes!http://bit.ly/seemysnuggieDownload my FREE iPhone/iPod App!http://bit.ly/DownloadMyAppAdd me on Facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/keeptheheatFollow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/keeptheheat--Thank you so much for watching! If you like my videos please subscribe to my channel by clicking this link:http://bit.ly/ClickHereToSubscribe--MY STATEMENT TO ARTISTS, LABELS & AFFILIATES:This video is a parody of the official music video of this song. Absolutely no copyrighted content, audio nor visual, was used in this video. I created everything you see and hear in this video myself. I engineered the thumbnail to mimic the look of the specific video it is making light of. It was created using stills from the official music video; since this is a parody it is legal under fair use law.I make these videos to promote the songs they parody. It is my intention to build hype for the songs and music videos amongst my demographic, which is comprised mostly of teens that are immersed in pop culture and mainstream media, be it music, television or film. I am currently one of the MOST SUBSCRIBED and MOST VIEWED YouTube users of all-time with nearly 100,000,000 views. If you are an artist, label or affiliate and want me to work with you or someone you represent please do not hesitate to send me an email to keeptheheat (at) gmail (dot) com. I am always excited and humbled at the opportunity to work with other creative individuals and companies.--Tags and Keywords: (These help people find my videos easier)Kanye West Beyonce See Me Now Official Music Video SpoofKanye West Beyonce See Me Now Official Music Video SpoofSee Me Now Song Lyrics Beyonce KanyeSee Me Now Song Lyrics Beyonce KanyeKanye Beyonce Song Charlie WilsonKanye Beyonce Song Charlie WilsonKanye See Me Now VideoKanye See Me Now VideoSee My Snuggie SongSee My Snuggie SongSee Me NowSee Me Now

Продолжительность видео: 03:11 мин

Ключевые теги: See, Me, Now, Song, Kanye, West, Beyonce, Official, Music, Video, Snuggie, Parody, Spoof, Charlie, Wilson, New, Pop, Charts

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